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Unbeatable Sound that will Last a Lifetime or More

Feel the atmosphere of a live recording like never before with complete tonal clarity. Our products are built with an unwavering focus on sound quality, ergonomics and durability.

21st Century Analogue

At Pragma we take the best of traditional analogue audio and incorporate it with modern technology, design and manufacturing techniques.

Technological advancements are being made all the time and  we follow these developments, so whenever there's an opportunity to lower the noise floor by a few decibels or improve accuracy or reliability we can make the most of it.

So when you look inside one of our amplifiers there is a combination of technology that's been available for many decades alongside cutting edge analogue components and a modern, multi-layer PCB architecture.

This model is reflected in our design and manufacturing processes, so software simulation, laser cutting, CNC machining and sophisticated electronic simulation and testing are used alongside hand assembly and extensive listening tests.

Choose Your Finish

Three colourways with different wood finish

Graphite & Oak
Oxblood & Maple
Cobalt & Walnut

Get the sound you always wanted.

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